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2000 Security Articles

Lexias Empowers Companies to Allow Users to Assist in Security
When it comes to user interfaces, Lexias has done for PKI what Microsoft did for operating systems - they have made the technical operations invisible to the user. Taking the burden off the shoulders of the few, Lexias has innovated the concept of the responsibility of security of data exchange and encryption in the hands of the user.
December 27, 2000

Bootcamp For the Pros; Why Ernst & Young Will Lead Security Auditing Standards
You're a security engineer and you want to improve your ability to protect your organization's network. Who do you call?
December 7, 2000

Identix Leads Biometrics
Able to authenticate a user by a fingerprint scan, the promise of biometrics is a story best told by Identix.
November 21, 2000

VelociRaptor® Kicks!
With firewall appliances leading the firewall market segment, AXENT has just enlisted itself as a heavyweight contender in a market kindled by the increasing glut of enterprise security compromises.
November 10, 2000

With DigiVault, Lexias Enables CIOs to Empower Users to Assist in eBusiness Security
Asking a CIO, and a small security team to secure an entire enterprise is an inhuman task. Clearly users needs to play a larger role in organizational security.
November 8, 2000

PKI and Biometrics Ready for Take-Off
With the new law making digital signitures as real as wet ink signatures, PKI and biometrics markets are predicted to experience heavy growth. See which vendors are leading the innovation.
October 4, 2000

Human Machine Interaction Company Ramps up Firewall Line
Will firewalls and sign language soon be interactive? If anyone can do it, Cybernet Systems will be the first.
September 1, 2000

Security Information Market Ready for Growth
The growth of security vulnerabilities is creating a new market for security information. With link sharing and cooperation among sites, it is not clear that this market is nearly as predatory as some publishing markets.
August 31, 2000

Cart32 in Need of Duct Tape
With a gaping security hole, anyone using Cart32 can buy all kinds of stuff for free, or whatever price they feel like paying.
August 28, 2000

Study Shows: FBI Alienates Industry Security Experts
A comprehensive study done by Laura Taylor and TEC has shown that, for years the FBI has been alienating industry security experts. Some of the best industry security professionals want nothing to do with helping the FBI resolve cybercrime. Recently, one of the leading Department of Justice U.S. Attorneys, well-known for expertise in successfully prosecuting cybercrime, asked TechnologyEvaluation.Com why so many security and information technology professionals snub their noses at law enforcement agencies that exist to protect our nation's vital assets - private and public. TechnologyEvaluation.Com went behind the scenes to find out why.
August 21, 2000

Symantec Swallows AXENT; Takes on Network Associates
Symantec's 1999 revenues were $704 million. AXENT's 1999 revenues were $112 with its strength being firewalls, intrusion detection, and security vulnerability assessments. The acquisition of AXENT by Symantec positions Symantec to be a billion dollar company by the end of Symantec's fiscal year in March.
August 17, 2000

SplitDNS Can Add Security and Speed To a Website
Laura Taylor and Wayne Periman provide fundamentals to help you understand this complex configuration.
August 10, 2000

Earthlink Leads the Way in DSL Security
DSL providers speed up their customers' Internet access, however, at the same time they also expose these customers to enormous security risk. Earthlink has gone the extra mile and is giving out free firewall software to all its DSL customers.
August 8, 2000

Can You Trust Entrust?
An information security company whose middle name is 'Trust' is accused of misrepresentation of revenue projections.
August 1, 2000

The Whys and Hows of a Security Vulnerability Assessment
How is a security vulnerability assessment performed? What can be gained by enlisting the security vulnerability assessment process, and what you should expect to see in a Security Vulnerability Assessment Report?
July 31, 2000

Check Point Leads Firewall Market
Where did Check Point come from and how did it evolve? Find out why Check Point is the firewall leader, and what TEC predicts will happen to Check Point going forward.
July 25, 2000

With Record Revenues, AXENT Puts Down a Solid Fist
Where did AXENT come from and where is it going? Laura Taylor gives you the scoop on this firewall company you should keep on your watch list.
July 6, 2000

Sub7 Tells Chat Rooms All Your Stuff; F-Secure Leads Battle
A hacker program called Sub7 will tell IRC channels all the stuff you don't want people to know.
June 29, 2000

Standard & Poor's Exposes Customers' Security
After exposing numerous customers to embarrassing security vulnerabilities, S&P announces a security certification program.
June 21, 2000

Los Alamos Loses Top Secret Information, Again!
Another security compromise occurred at Los Alamos National Laboratories last month when two hard drives containing top-secret nuclear information disappeared. The security mistakes that are being made at Los Alamos are sloppy and unacceptable.
June 20, 2000

Graduate Programs in Information Security are More Affordable Abroad
Ernest Hemingway said, "If you want to meet interesting people you have to go to interesting places." Graduate programs in cryptography and information security in the U.S. have exorbitant tuition costs. Universities overseas and in Canada are much more affordable. Be a smart shopper and look at the International alternatives before signing a huge loan for an advanced degree in information security or cryptography in the United States.
June 9, 2000

Security Stocks Burn Rubber
Security technology stocks are burning rubber as they peel out in front of swaggering technology blue chips. Who are some of these security market leaders and what kinds of security products do they offer?
April 27, 2000

Hacker Publication Gets Top Defense Attorney
In a case that will challenge the bowels of free speech and censorship and inevitably set a lot of legal precedents, renowned defense attorney Marcus Garbus has been retained by the Electronic Frontier Foundation to represent 2600 (an infamous hacker publication) that is being charged with circum-vention of copyright protection systems (17 U.S.C. § 1201 (a)(2)), specifically the Contents Scramble Systems (CSS) developed to protect Digital Video Discs (DVDs) against unauthorized access.
April 13, 2000

Saudi Arabian Network Security Provokes Local Considerations
Internet security in Saudi Arabia does not go overlooked. Are the Saudis being over zealous and paranoid, or are they practicing smart network security?
April 6, 2000

Security Breach, Now What?
When people's lives or financial transactions are at risk, proper Security Incident handling is of extreme importance.
March 17, 2000

The AS/400 Takes You Securely Where You Want to Go
With built-in security features, IBM's AS/400 might be one of the most secure hosts you can find.
March 6, 2000

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