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2001 Security Articles

Disaster Recovery Principles For Any Organization
Having a disaster recovery plan will not only protect your organization's essential data from destruction, it will help you refine your business processes and enable your business to recover its operations in the event of a disaster. Though each organization has unique knowledge and assets to maintain, general principles can be applied to disaster recovery. This set of planning guidelines can assist your organization in moving forward with an IT disaster recovery project.
December 4, 2001

Social Engineering Can Thwart the Best Laid Security Plans
Don't let a telephone call with a hacker foil you into defeating your well-thought out security measures. Brien Posey warns you how to keep your network safe.
December 3, 2001

Lost your Laptop? The CyberAngel® Brings it Back
How much is your laptop worth to you? If it were stolen or lost, would you want it back? Laptop recovery is now an option.
November 19, 2001

OKENA Pioneers Next-Generation Intrusion Prevention
Intrusion prevention has evolved as a smarter alternative to intrusion detection. Pioneer OKENA has mapped application behaviors into rules, and is using these behavior rules to prevent intrusions up front. This second-generation approach offers substantial bottom line savings, and frees up IT resources for other tasks.
September 25, 2001

Application Single Sign-On: Netegrity, Securant, or Evidian?
With the proliferation of web-based technologies, single sign-on has emerged as an important and central architecture solution for enterprise applications. Relevant Technologies has reviewed three single sign-on products to see which comes out on top.
September 6, 2001

Read Your Firewall Logs!
One of the most overlooked security responsibilities is regularly reviewing your firewall logs. Learn what to look for and how to get started.
July 5, 2001

A Common Language for Security Vulnerabilities
OKENA, a new company co-founded by Shaun McConnon, who founded Raptor Systems (now part of Symantec), recently introduced an innovative, proactive intrusion detection and prevention product that started shipping on April 1. StormWatch is smart enough to understand how applications should behave, and tough enough to prevent them from being led astray by wily hackers.
June 14, 2001

A Common Language for Security Vulnerabilities
Confused by all the wacky jargon about security vulnerabilities and exposures? MITRE clears up the confusion with a standard naming system.
May 24, 2001

Secure Storage Emerges as a Nascent Market
Everyone is talking about either storage or security. So what's secure storage? Find out who the market leaders are and what lies ahead.
May 20, 2001

DMZs for Dummies
What's a DMZ? Read and learn the basics of perimeter network security.
May 9, 2001

Time to gear up for biometric keyboards?
Designed to improve security and decrease help desk calls, biometric keyboards scan your fingerprint and authenticate you from encrypted fingerprint records in lieu of asking for a password.
May 3, 2001

So Now You're Faced with Managing Security? Here's What to Expect...
You've just accepted a position to manage the security of a reputable eBusiness. Now you're wondering what you've gotten yourself into and where to begin. Your first task will be to do some data gathering. You'll need to find out what types of security policies, processes, and procedures currently exist at your new company (if any).
May 2, 2001

Guidelines for Configuring your Firewall Rule-set
You've just installed a new firewall. Congratulations on taking a big step in protecting your organization. Now you're ready for the next step: configuring the firewall rule-set, or policy file.
April 18, 2001

Select the Right Firewall: Part 2
In the first installment of this column, I discussed some of the key criteria for selecting the appropriate firewall for your organization. Here are a few more features you should consider: Authentication. Most organizations need to support users who access the network remotely, either through a VPN or direct dial-up connection.
March 25, 2001

Select the Right Firewall: Part 1
If you're upgrading your firewall, or installing one on your network for the first time, you'll discover that firewall technology has changed a lot in the last several years. How do you select one that's appropriate for your business?
March 8, 2001

7 Elements of Highly Effective Security Policies
A security policy is supposed to have many things in it, and you have no clue where to begin! Here are 7 tips to get you going.
February 16, 2001

Feds Buckle Down on Customer Information Security
In an effort to improve the state of consumer privacy, the Federal Reserve Board, and the FDIC on January 17 announced that they have put together joint guidelines to safeguard confidential customer information.
January 29, 2001

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