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2010 Security Articles

Mobile Security for the iPhone with Trust Digital
For years, the main things smartphone owners wanted to do was make calls, text and send and receive e-mail. However, the iPhone has changed all that. But without an enterprise management platform, Apple created an iPhone market that organizations have been reluctant to embrace on an enterprise level. However, Trust Digitalís Enterprise Mobility Management platform is now helping to change that too.
March 9, 2010

Mobile Security: A Surefire Laptop Encryption Strategy
Mobile computing brings increased productivity to the enterprise, but it also opens up businesses to mobile security risks. One of the biggest problems mobile IT departments face is figuring out how to secure confidential information stored on laptops and netbooks. These mobile devices are often stolen or lost no matter how careful the owner, and it's safe to say that laptop theft and loss will continue to be an ongoing challenge for mobile device managers.
February 8, 2010

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