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Security Consulting

You want seamless information access so that your engineers can deliver the level of service that your customers have grown to expect. Security vulnerabilities in your LAN are not an option. You want to access information, and deliver services, without worrying if the systems that you use are vulnerable to wily hackers. You need security solutions that are transparent, and at the same time flexible enough to position your network for future growth, and long-term stability.

Relevant Technologies' security consulting service is constantly improving the security of customer networks everyday through routine audits, firewall support, and automated secure host management solutions. We assist you by evaluating your unique requirements, setting up security IT agendas, and helping with product selections and project implementations. Relevant Technologies' security consulting mission is to foster innovative secure solutions that solve short-term problems and position you for long-term growth. We help weigh the risks and benefits of using various secure applications such as S/Key, SSH, challenge-response logic cards, firewalls, and secure encrypted tunnels. Whether your security requirements involve bastion hosts, proxy servers, packet filters, single sign-on, host services, or remote access solutions, Relevant Technologies is there to help put in place sound solutions that you need to sustain and generate new revenue streams.

Security implementations are complex, and new products are entering the market everyday. Sometimes the hardest part of deploying a new architecture is the product selection and architecture plan. We help you with product selections, and can write detailed architecture plans to help you get your security project off the ground, and deployed on your network. Relevant Technologies works with your staff to put all the pieces together leaving you with a new security infrastructure that is well-documented and supportable by your own staff. Should your staff require future assistance, we provide on-going support for ensure your continued success.

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