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A good product review is completely objective. Unlike an advertisement, a product review takes a look at your products strengths, weaknesses, and differentiating components and explains to prospective clients and technology enthusiasts why your product is noteworthy. Because the product review process takes into consideration product support, client resource management, and vendor fiscal viability, a product review is typically a much stronger, and more encompassing description of your technology compared to an advertisement. Advertisements are based on perceptions. Product reviews are based on truths.

Since product reviews are based on truths, it is necessary for us to delve deep into the inner workings of your product and technology. We talk to your product management team, we talk to your customers, and we talk to other industry experts to find out what aspects of your product and technology are particularly innovative. If weaknesses in your product are discovered, it is our ethical responsibility to point these out so that your team understands where it needs to focus future development efforts. Almost all products have strengths and weaknesses. Describing a product weakness balances the review process and gives your audience a sense that the product review is a credible industry analysis, and not simply an advertisement. By describing a product's weakness along with its strength, readers of the review come to a better understanding of what technology scenarios your product is best suited for.

We work with you to help you understand what your product's strengths are relative to competitors in the industry. You want the world to understand why your product has what it takes to help organizations gain a competitive advantage in the marketplace. We look at total cost of ownership, best-use scenarios, and the significant capabilities and features your product has to offer. Our years of background in Information Technology operations, management, and project implementations allows us to look at your product through the eyes of a well-tested industry professional who has experienced the challenges of technology evaluations and implementations.

Once the product review is complete, we work with leading publications to help your product gain exposure. You own the product review -- we own the copyright. Upon completion of the product review process, we release the review to leading publications for reprint providing the publication meets our acceptable use qualifications. We will not release the review to publications without your express approval. Hyperlinks and registrations with search engines allow the audience for the review to increase through standard Internet outreach mechanisms.

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