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Security Websites

Relevant Technologies is a full-service Web development source. We can help you define your site’s concept, build this concept with persuasive design and content development, and bring the concept to life with technologies that match the site’s requirements.

Some of the types of security websites that we can develop for you include:

  • Security policy websites
  • Security compliance websites (FISMA, HIPAA etc.)
  • Security company websites
  • Security service websites
  • Security knowledge base websites
  • Security awareness & training websites

  • Our methodology includes the following stages:

    Information Gathering
    Regardless of whether or not your business has a Website right now, Relevant Technologies understands that your corporate identity is not a blank slate. Your new or updated site must build on your organization’s previous promotional activities in print, broadcast or online media, and clearly express your values and objectives.

    Since you have the best understanding of what your organization has accomplished and what you want to achieve in the future, we will contact your subject matter experts and stakeholders before a single word is drafted or any pages are designed. We will continue to work with your experts throughout the project to acquire information and verify its accuracy, and to stay informed about changes in business requirements or project scope. An approved content model and site plan ensures that focus is maintained, and that scope adjustments are managed carefully.

    Graphic and Information Design
    Our design principles favour clean, uncluttered graphical treatments informed by best practices for your sector. This approach keeps bandwidth and customer system requirements to a minimum, prevents the site from appearing dated quickly, and contributes to the site’s usability regardless of how diverse the audience is. Navigation tools, colors, graphics, page layout, and optimal display resolution are chosen with your needs, and your users?needs, in mind.

    The writing will be targeted to your audience, and will lend itself well to translation should this be necessary. Most importantly, the text will be crafted specifically to suit the site’s content model and design. We believe that the design and writing are mutually reinforcing processes that cannot happen in isolation from each other.

    Coding and Architecture
    In accordance with our belief in simple, elegant design, we also keep Webpage code as simple as possible for the features required. Pages will be based on custom templates wherever possible to promote code consistency throughout the site, ensure code is easy to edit and maintain, and make future modifications and expansion straightforward.

    Since patterns of browser use are changing rapidly, and the dominance of Microsoft Internet Explorer cannot be taken for granted, our work is fully W3C compliant and does not use technologies that cannot be displayed in competing browsers such as Netscape Navigator or Mozilla Firefox. In addition to HTML, we support server-side scripting technologies such as PHP and JSP.

    Relevant Technologies will test your site’s architecture, decision logic, and functionality at the design and implementation stages to answer the following questions:
    • Does the site meet business requirements? Does it contain the required features, functionality, and content?
    • Does the site meet technical requirements? Does it display and function reliably, and does it integrate well with existing servers or other legacy systems?
    • Does the site meet user expectations? Can users reliably complete the tasks they need to complete in an intuitive way?
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    Client Feedback
    Your site’s content model, feature list, and design concept are the standards against which we evaluate our development progress. Constant feedback from you helps us to see how well we are meeting these standards, and enables us to do the following:
    • Keep design and content development on track
    • Keep costs to a minimum by ensuring that development funds are consistently directed at work that moves the project forward
    • Identify changes in requirements or scope, and assess these changes critically against the original project plan
    • Receive a regular ‘check in?to maintain effective communication—especially between geographically dispersed team members
    • Know when the project is complete to your satisfaction
    Implementation and Maintenance
    Based on your technical requirements and anticipated traffic, Relevant Technologies will research and recommend a suitable Internet service provider (ISP) to host your site. Once selected, we will work with the ISP to upload all files and databases to ensure an error-free site launch.

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