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2003 Security Articles

Securing an Exchange Server by Limiting Mail Relay Use
One of the most important steps that you should take in securing an Exchange Server is to either disable or restrict the use of mail relay. In case you arenít familiar with mail relay, it refers to the practice of passing a message through a server and rerouting it to its final destination. While there are some legitimate uses of the mail relay feature, mail relay tends to be heavily abused by spammers.
December 8, 2003

The CyberAngel: Laptop Recovery and File Encryption All-In-One
Relevant Technologies took the CyberAngel into our labs to test it for our Acceptability Rating. It worked as advertised and had more features than expected.
November 4, 2003

What the TKIP Protocol is All About
Out with the old and in with the new. Julia Greenfield tells you how WEP's shortcomings are being mitigated by TKIP.
September 15, 2003

Pestware 101
While Pestware doesn't typically destroy components of your system the way viruses do, it does use up valuable system resources and it can report on your Web surfing habits, and other personal behavior unbeknownst to you.
September 12, 2003

Set Up a Secure Wireless Network
If you're thinking about building a wireless network for your home or office, it pays to do a little planning to ensure you implement it as securely as possible. Like all radio frequencies, anyone with a receiver can tune into a wireless channel, so you need to take extra precautions to prevent to your big-eared neighbor and cybercriminals from listening in.
July 10, 2003

Combating SPAM Problems in a Corporate Environment
While your blocking hackers at your network perimeter, you might as well keep the spam out too. Brien Posey tells you how.
July 1, 2003

Linux/UNIX Viruses Demand Special Attention
When developing your company's virus protection strategy, don't forget that Linux and UNIX systems need to be protected as well. See how Linux/UNIX viruses differ from Windows viruses and learn about your antivirus options.
June 25, 2003

InsideOut Firewall Reporter Unravels the Mysteries of Your Firewall Logs
You've got tons of firewall logs, and not much time to figure out what they all mean. Troy Thompson explains how Stonylake Solution's InsideOut Firewall Reporter figures everything out for you.
May 19, 2003

Linux/UNIX Viruses Demand Special Attention
It wasn't that long ago that many administrators assumed Linux and other UNIX-based platforms were virtually invulnerable to viruses and worms. Julia Greenfield explains how things have changed. (Login required.)
April 22, 2003

PDA Security 101
Corporate information technology users are increasingly relying on PDAs to check e-mail, surf the Web, and a variety of other tasks. What should organizations do to make keep their PDA users safe from the threats of the Internet?
April 7, 2003

Anti-Virus Software: Norton, McAfee, Trend Micro, or Hauri?
During the past several years, viruses have become increasingly more sophisticated. Brien Posey reports his findings after testing four leading products against each other.
March 15, 2003

Install OKENA's StormWatch to Keep Hackers Out
Intrusion prevention systems act as deadbolt locks, stopping any attacks that may be targeted at your network. Unlike intrusion detection systems, intrusion prevention systems donít analyze attacks and effect a response; they just plain stop attacks. StormWatch is an intrusion prevention system that worked well in our tests. Learn how to install it. (Login required.)
February 13, 2003

Privacy 101
How does privacy affect your Intranet? Laura Taylor jump-starts your understanding.
February 10, 2003

Track Down Lost Data with the Forensics Tool EnCase
EnCase is an excellent tool for retrieving missing or lost data. It is useful for data restorations or computer incident investigations. (Login required.)
January 13, 2003

Security Policies 101
If you are trying to keep your network secure from unauthorized access, creating security policies is an exercise in understanding what needs to be secured. Julia Greenfield gives you the basics.
January 6, 2003

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