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2007 Security Articles

Secret Service Cyber Forensics Team Available to Assist Corporate America
The Secret Service does more than just protect the president. Providing forensic services and investigating crimes is one of their core competencies. While that may not come as a surprise to you, what may surprise you is that their Electronic Crimes Task Force (ECTF) is ready and available to assist corporate America in forensic analysis of computer crimes and other electronic crimes.
June 7, 2007

Find Application Security Holes with AppScan!
Watchfire’s AppScan 7 (AppScan) is just the thing for detecting website vulnerabilities. Whether your organization is a financial institution, a managed service provider, or hosts its own web applications that contain confidential and private information, AppScan finds the holes. Specifically designed to find web based vulnerabilities, AppScan is suitable for use on both intranet and Internet based applications. I recently used AppScan on a consulting engagement and found it to be one of those products that anyone doing security audits shouldn’t be without. Let me tell you how it works, and what I liked best about it.
May 3, 2007

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